Rhapsodie pour un Pot-au-feu (Rapsódia pre Pot-au-feu)

The pot-au-feu is a popular French family dish that’s similar to our beef broth. The beef, together with the vegetables and the seasoning, is cooked in a pot and served in one big bowl as a main dish. An almost perfect metaphor of a family – it’s also a mix of different people, their needs and habits, and similarly to the ingredients in the pot-au-feu, they make a fine blend, a great outcome. But who is the cook responsible for the amazing final taste and smell?

Ivana Laučíková, Festival BAB

This movie is recommended by Ivana Laučíková

Ivana Laučíková (née Zajacová) is a producer and director of animated films. She comes from Patrizánske and currently lives in Banská Štiavnica. She graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava in the study field of animation (2002). In 2006, she acquired a PhD. degree in the same field and she worked as a university teacher in this department. During her studies, she made a bachelor degree film Vedieť and a graduate film Nazdravíčko together with Jozef Mihaľ, for which they received a Slnko v sieti award in 2006. She was the editor-in-chief of a specialized animated film magazine Homo Felix for five years. She founded a company named feel me film in 2006 and became a producer of numerous short animated movies (Štyri, dir. Ivana Šebestová, Fongopolis, dir. Joana Kozuch, Posledný autobus, dir. Martin Snopek, Sneh, dir. Ivana Šebestová etc.).

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