Odraz ľudskej mysle (Reflection of ones mind)

When it comes to 2D animation, Japan is one of the countries in the world that produces some of the most beautiful animated films out there. Apart from feature films and anime, they also produced some short animated films. One of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen is the indie film “A reflection of one’s mind”. The story behind the film is that two girls have an argument at school which erupts into a fight. For the rest of the film, one of the girls is trying to make up for it.

It’s a fairly simple enough scenario, but the film does it with no dialogue and plays the song “Clair de Lune” throughout it. Classical music is my favourite type of music due to its ability to allow me to feel certain emotions. Classical music and animation can create something extraordinary when done right, and this film achieves it. Even though we don’t know what the argument is about, we can feel just how fierce it is based on the acting and actions of the characters. What I find fascinating about this film is that I can really feel what the characters are feeling and I begin to connect with them. The film also uses the weather to show what the characters are feeling, which is another way for the audience to connect with them. In the end, this film is a masterpiece of storytelling, no dialogue needed, just actions and expressions. Perhaps it’s a simple, but it’s delivered so well and so beautifully.

Martina Frajštáková, Festival BAB

This movie is recommended by Martina Frajštáková

She studied animation at the Academy of Performing Arts and is now a university teacher at the Department of Animation. As a 2D animator, she has collaborated on several short films and projects, and she also drew for Katka Kerekešová’s series The Websters for a while. She led several creative workshops with foreign filmmakers at the BAB festival and in 2017 she was also on the jury for children’s films. She specializes in classic 2D animation and her hobbies include comics, pop culture and Japanese animated film.