Lavatory Lovestory

Lavatory – Lovestory is a 2007 Russian animated short film directed by Konstantin Bronzit, about a lavatory attendant who finds a flower bouquet in her tip jar. The film was nominated for an Oscar in the 81st Annual Academy Awards and won multiple awards at film festivals. It is also part of a film series Animation Show of Shows. A single middle aged lady working as receptionist and cleaner in a public lavatory for men spends her time between chores reading “Happy Woman” and daydreaming about a loving partner. When an unknown man starts leaving flowers at her desk, she gets excited but also increasingly stressed out trying to figure out who is her secret admirer or, perhaps, the prankster…

Tomáš Danay, Festival BAB

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Tomáš Danay studied animation at the Film and Television Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts, after which he became animation lead at Blue Faces. He has worked on many foreign movies (The Green Hornet, Curse of Mayans, Asura), games (NBA 2k16, Shadows: Awakening), commercials (Orange, Billa, Chase, Voya, TJMaxx), and music videos (Lil Dicky – Pillow Talking) and taught animation and led animation workshops in several countries. In 2019 he became the director of BAB – the international festival of animated films for children and youth.