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Ka-Boom! – Kata Strofa and the secret of snowflakes

Christmas is approaching and little Kata Strofová is dreaming about snow. However, instead of a blanket of snow, there is only mud everywhere, so Kata decides to go find out what’s really going on in those clouds…

The director of this animated series “Ka-Boom!” is Veronika Kocourková. Veronika is a film director, designer, illustrator, producer, and co-owner of the independent production company Super Film, which focuses on animated and educational film projects for children and young audiences.

TV show recommended by Andrej Kolenčík

Andrej is a film director, artist, and designer. He directs feature, animated, and documentary films, as well as video clips, illustrations, and designs. For six years he worked as the program director of the Fest Anča Festival, which he co-founded.

His films have been awarded at several domestic and international film festivals (e.g. National Sun in the Net Award (Slovakia), Golden Eggs at the Emir Kusturica Festival (Serbia) and his projects have been nominated for the National Design Award. He is one of the main initiators of the artistic challenge “Reaction”. Since 2015, Kolenčík has been operating under his own brand by the name of Admiral Films.

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