Christmas Festival BAB Playlist

“Škatuľa je odveký symbol skostnatenosti, upätosti. Ak je niekto v škatuli, je väzňom, lebo šesť strán kocky ho uzatvára a obmedzuje. Škatuľa určuje limity jeho slobody, filtruje impulzy zvonka, zakrýva horizont aj výhľady do svetových strán.” –– Ivana Laučíková

Andrej Kolenčík recommends Ka-Boom!

„The Ka-Boom! series by director Veronika Kocourková is a fan favorite. In addition, the Christmas special has an epic 27-minute story that revolves around snowflakes, the evil queen, and little Kata Strofa, for whom this is one of her first cases.“ – Andrej Kolenčík

Martina Frajštáková recommends The Song for Rain

“An atmospheric short film about the special friendship of a fox and a boy, who are crossing between two worlds. The film has a beautiful atmosphere and is pleasant to watch.” –– Martina Frajštáková

Ivana Laučíková recommends Father and Daughter

„The film is a metaphor for the ride of life. To live means to sit on a bike and pedal. Hold on tight, go forward. The young can go fast easily, the old can struggle. Sometimes the wind blows so strongly that we think we may fall, sometimes we go downhill. Someone rides in a group and another pedals by himself. And one day, we get off the bike and embark on a cruise.” — Ivana Laučíková

Matej Mazák recommends Changeover

„It entertains me how beautiful a simple situation can be when presented tastefully. I adore lighthearted, joyful stories!“ – Matej Mazák

Katka Kerekešová recommends The Little Boy and the Beast

“My personal favorite – childish and parental, extremely touching and perfectly focused on a child’s survival, but with trust in all his strength and maturity. It’s done without prejudice and with understanding. “ — Katka Kerekesová