Marián Vredík recommends Revolver – Här är karusellen

„This animated film is composed of well-thought-out loops, of which even repeated repetitions will not bore you at all. Quite the opposite. In combination with Nordic humor and perfect drawing, a strong cocktail was created. “ — Marián Vredík

Martin Smatana recommends Rabbit and Deer

„I recommend this film because of the combination of two animation techniques – cartoon 2D animation and puppet stop motion animation, the use of which is not self-serving, but is closely related to the story.“ — Martin Smatana

Mária Kralovič recommends The Kiosk

„I like the film because it is beautifully crafted and funny characters are featured throughout. The story is universally readable to the delight of both young and old viewers. We watch the film with Jonáš’ (son) around 🙂 ” — Mária Kralovič

Veronika Kocourková recommends Nobody is Normal

„This is one of the most beautiful animated films for me – not only because of the content but also because of the beautiful visuals and the great puppet animation.“ – Veronika Kocourková

Ondrej Rudavský recommends La Planète Sauvage

„The animated film La Planète Sauvage from 1973 impressed me with its imagination and ideas, but also with the visually laborious execution of classic cartoon animation. Did you know it was animated by Czechs and Slovaks?“ – Ondrej Rudavsky

Boris Šima recommends Circle World

„his crazy Englishman named Cyriak creates very comical and bizarre animations and video clips, for which he often makes his own music and various musical remixes. I would like to draw the attention of the general public to it (although surely many people know the sitcom IT Crowd, where he did some animated passages), it’s worth it!“ – Boris Šima

Andrej Kolenčík recommends Sloth

„The film Sloth by Julie Ocker got me with its immediate humor, which doesn’t fail to captivate its viewers within a small area of space even without bombastic effects. The short is extremely refreshing.“ – Andrej Kolenčík

Andrej Gregorčok recommends Vincent

“Môj obľúbený – detský a rodičovský, nesmierne dojímavý a dokonale zamierený na prežívanie dieťaťa, ale s dôverou vo všetku jeho silu a dospelosť. Robí to bez predsudkov a s pochopením.“ – Katka Kerekesová