““As a small Christmas present, we, the BAB Festival team, would like to give you some beautiful Christmas animated films recommendations that will definitely make your holidays even better! Merry Christmas!“ — Tím Festivalu BAB

Puf a Muf on Christmas

Puf Puf a Muf is an animated Czechoslovakian short series. It’s based on a popular children’s book by Nataša Tanská and drawn and directed by Viktor Kubal within 1969-1973. It depicts the stories and mishaps of two tomcats, Puf and Muf.

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas also known as Santa’s Toys, is a 1933 American Pre-Code animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by United Artists. A loose adaptation of Clement C. Moore’s famous poem. St. Nick is seen delivering the toys that he made in Disney’s Santa’s Workshop (1932) to a house full of sleeping children. The toys come alive, and they dance around and have fun. The kids awake to find a beautiful Christmas tree with lots of toys.

Macko Uško & The Christmas Tree

Macko Uško is a Polish TV series and an animated children’s film. Macko Uško was originally created in 1957 in a children’s magazine. Its creators were Czesław Janczarski, a writer, and Zbigniew Rychlicki, an illustrator. The TV series began filming in 1975. Every character in the Slovak version was succesfully dubbed by Michal Dočolomanský.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

In 1982, Burton wrote a poem of the same name, telling essentially the same story as would the film. Working at the time as an animator at Disney, he managed to catch his employer’s attention by turning these verses into concept art, storyboards, and character models for adaptation into a potential half-hour television special featuring Vincent Price. But the world, much less Disney, didn’t yet seem ready for the Burtonian sensibility, much less the particular note of jolly grimness struck by The Nightmare Before Christmas. Years would pass, both in terms of getting the project into the right hands and in terms of the painstaking production itself, before we could enjoy Jack Skellington’s accidental journey into Christmas Town and his well-meaning but ill-fated attempt to take that holiday for himself.

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