The Little Boy and the Beast – What Happens During a Divorce

The film The Little Boy and the Beast was made by directors Johannes Weiland, Uwe Heidschötter, Studio Soi GmbH & Co. KG Filmproduktion pre ZDFin Germany. Marcus Sauermann was commissioned to develop the concept for an episode of the “Siebenstein”, a beloved television show of German children. Marcus submitted his short animated screenplay to director Uwe Heidschötter and Johannes Weiland in March 2009. The two had never worked together before and decided to focus on a reduced and more abstract style in terms of design and animation.

Movie recommended by Katarína Kerekešová

She is a graduate of animation from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. She won the Igric Award for her medium-length film “Origin of the World”. In 2010, the international animated film “Stones” premiered at the International Film Festival Art Film Fest and was subsequently distributed to cinemas. Katarína Kerekesová won the Sun in a Net National Film Award, the Igric Award for animated production, and the Slovak Film of the Year award for the portal.

However, she achieved the greatest success with the children’s series “Mimi and Líza”, where she works as the author of the theme, director, producer, co-writer, and illustrator. In 2017, the series “Websters” premiered in the RTVS broadcast, where Katka works as a producer, author of the theme, director, and co-author of screenplays. The Slovak Film and Television Academy awarded the film series “Websterovci – Hero Daddy” as the best Slovak animated film in 2017.

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