Panique Au Village – Le Gateaux

Cowboy, Indian and Horse – an inseparable group of three friends is Going through unbelievable adventures in the Belgian-French animated series. In a village called „Panic“ whithin the eyeshot of farmer Seten and his wife Jeanine there live Cowboy, Indian and Horse in one of the houses. Our heroes are plastic figures evoking childhood, life was given to them through stop motion technique by the inseparable duo of Belgian animators, Stéphane Aubier & Vincent Patar. An excentric comedial charade full of chiseled unarming gags, coming from the legacy of surrealism among others, brings animated entertainment par excellence. In this episode, Cowboy and Indian will try to steal Horse’s cake

This movie is recommended by Lukáš Figeľ

Lukáš studied animation at VŠMU (Academy of Performing arts), he is still pushing ahead. His master’s degree film „selFish“ has swam through a couple of festivals, it has gained Jury’s Award at festival PAFF and Distribution Award of Fest Anča. At the moment he is sacrificing his time to commercial animation and animating the series Drobci. You can stalk him on his Instagram #lukas0figel.

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