Revolver – Här är karusellen

A short film about time.

An animated film by directors Stig Bergqvist, Jonas Odell, Martti Ekstrand and Lars Ohson. Swedish animator and director Stig Bergqvist originally embarked on a much different career – the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He and his school friend Lars Ohlson co-founded FilmTecknarna, an animation and design company that allowed the entrepreneur to pursue his true passion. In 2000, he had his biggest project, where he co-directed the very successful Nickelodeon project “Rugrats in Paris: The Movie”. This film would be his only real smash in the US before returning to Stockholm for commercial projects.

Movie recommended by Marián Vredík

After studying at Kremnica Šupka, he completed a master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and majored in painting and other media (Prof. K. Kosziba, 2014). He interned at FAMU for one semester where his interest in animated film developed. After finishing school, he started working as a freelancer, mainly creating video clips, short animations, jingles, and spots. Together with his wife Jana and screenwriter Renáta Mitašová, they created an educational animated series for RTVS “Slovenčina na slovíčko” (45 parts were created between the years 2018 and 2020). His animations can also be seen in several documents, most recently in Jakub Julény’s film THE COMMUNE (2020). Marián’s work ranges from cartoon animation to experimenting with fieldless animation and found footage. He also works with illustrations, graphics, and VJing. He comes from Žihľava and is currently living in Pezinok.

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