The Song for Rain

The Song for Rain is a short movie from 2012. A little boy helps a red fox catch rainwater. They spend the day together playing before the fox goes, but the boy really misses him…

Yawen Zheng – She primarily concentrates on computer animation, concept design and illustration. She loves to expand her animation into different mediums and styles, with the goal of expressing how peaceful and warm this world can be.

Martina Frajštáková, Festival BAB

This movie is recommended by Mária Frajštáková

She studied animation at the Academy of Performing Arts and is now a university teacher at the Department of Animation. As a 2D animator, she has collaborated on several short films and projects, and she also drew for Katka Kerekešová’s series The Websters for a while. She led several creative workshops with foreign filmmakers at the BAB festival and in 2017 she was also on the jury for children’s films. She specializes in classic 2D animation and her hobbies include comics, pop culture and Japanese animated film.

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