A bird takes interest in a strange object- a badminton racket. The film is directed by Mehdi Alibeygi (1984, Tehran, Iran) a director and author best known for his films “Changeover” (2014) and “Jamshid: A lament for myth” (2017). The short film is an adorable story of a bird’s attempt at acquiring an unobtainable love interest.

Matej Mazák

Movie is recommended by Matej Mazák

Often an animator, from time to time an illustrator. After studying animation at the Ostrava University, he returned to Slovakia thanks to his collaboration on the project “Hviezdny Taxík” where he is continuing his work to this day. His secret plan is to appear in as many end credits as he can, so you are likely to notice his name in many projects among the animators in Slovak projects, such as- LokalFilmis, KA-BOOM!, Mimi & Líza, or The Websters. You also may have come across his work at events such as Biela Noc or Festival tieña a svetla, for which he sometimes prepares light installations. In 2020 he released a comics called Malá hviezda in collaboration with Bea Révayova, targeting both adventurous and more timid children. He illustrated this book and he’s very proud of the work!

Learn more about his work at his website.

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