At the Ends of the Earth

The short animated film “At the Ends of the Earth” was created in 1998 by the Russian director Konstantin Bronzit at the French film studio Folimage Valence Production. “At the Ends of the Earth” conquered people’s hearts and minds, although the plot carries little intricacies. For some, this cartoon depicts the typical Russian mentality and satirises the lifestyle in Russia. That is why this is a wonderful cartoon for kids and adults! The main characters of the Russian cartoon are (in order of appearance) an old woman, an old man, a short cow, a dog, a crow, a cat, a highlander and sheep. Cartoon animals play a great role in conveying the idea.

Tomáš Danay, Festival BAB

A movie is recommended by Tomáš Danay

Tomáš Danay studied animation at the Film and Television Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts, after which he became animation lead at Blue Faces. He has worked on many foreign movies (The Green Hornet, Curse of Mayans, Asura), games (NBA 2k16, Shadows: Awakening), commercials (Orange, Billa, Chase, Voya, TJMaxx), and music videos (Lil Dicky – Pillow Talking) and taught animation and led animation workshops in several countries. In 2019 he became the director of BAB – the international festival of animated films for children and youth.

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